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Annual Maintenance Contract

The AMC- support initiative has been envisaged to approach our customers, proactively, to extend support in terms of health check-up and planned maintenance of their machines in order to maximize the machine up time and Minimize the machines downtime & get consistent performance from WIDMA machines.

Regularly monitor the critical parameters and to identify the deviation from standard machine signature, anticipate possible breakdowns. Enabling the advanced planning of spares and schedule maintenance to avoid higher maintenance cost and time. Extend machine life through regular maintenance. This mainly results in avoiding un-planned break-down of machines.

The AMC – support would enable our customers to get assured attention by skilled and trained technicians for their machines, suggest timely remedial measures and recommend suitable spare parts to be procured well in time.

The AMC- support would ensure planed periodic customer visits resulting in enhanced interface with customers resulting in keeping a tab on the customer’s delight with our machines. AMC would create an overall enhanced goodwill for our machines by virtue of reduced break-downs & improved up-time.

Machines under AMC will have advantage of reduced service charges for all services beyond the scope of AMC.