Thermal, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, and Wind

With a growing population and economic activities fueling the demand for energy generation, there is an increasing impetus on technologies to balance availability with sustainability. WIDMA has been providing several machinery and fixtures for the energy generation sector for more than 15 years.
Our offerings span machines in both conventional nuclear power generation and renewable power generation through wind turbines. The components in these sectors are unique in terms of their machining needs and require highly customized solutions, where WIDMA has a proven leadership in crafting SPMs.



The heat exchangers used for power generation consists of graphite blocks that emit fine dust particles when machined, and is potentially hazardous for the operators as well as the environmen. WIDMA has offered several machines for deep hole drilling of graphite block to create a series of holes used for heat exchangers.

The machine features a completely enclosed machine guard and suction unit to pull out the graphite dust and store in the dust collector. Similarly, VU1150 5-axis vertical turn-mill lathes are used to machine complex profiles covering a host of operations like drilling, tapping, milling, turning etc.