Tractors and Tillers

Increasing of mechanization in agricultural activities to improve crop yield with minimum manual intervention has bolstered the farm equipment industry and WIDMA has been supporting its customers in adapting to the technological shifts to produce best-in-class products. WIDMA offers a host of machinery that can produce precision components with high productivity. These include line machines for critical components, ranging from engine and transmission to body frame and chassis for tractors, tillers, harvesters, etc.


Cylinder Block
Cylinder Head


One of India’s major tractor OEMs had a requirement to machine accurate bores in the transmission case. This was a complex operation as the case had multiple bores to be machined simultaneously for achieving geometric accuracies and productivity. Additionally, the process involved a variety of case models that had to be accommodated on the same machine.
WIDMA succeeded in configuring a flexible multi-spindle fine boring SPM, which was designed for achieving high accuracy of bores, despite the complexities in bore sizes, positions, and depths. The customer was delighted with the performance and consistent accuracies achieved by the machine, and we received a repeat order within a year.