General Engineering

General Engineering


Compressors, Dies, and Molds

WIDMA’s solutions also span a diverse set of general engineering applications, catering to industries such as defense, die and mold, pump and valves, medical instruments, and electronics. Right from micro components requiring precision to large components demanding accuracy and rigidity, we offer a host of standard, semi-standard, and custom machines that have helped our customers manufacture quality products of international standards.



WIDMA has supplied customized machines for manufacturing compressor crankcase component for refrigerators that can cover nearly 30 operations on 3 machines. The multi-station multi-operation rotary indexing machines churned out the components from cast to finish  around 16 seconds.
After reaping impressive results from the first set of machines, the customer placed another order for a similar component with nearly 44 operations. A series of 3 machines with 8 station, 6 station and 4 station rotary indexing configuration were developed to perform these operations with a cycle time of 14 seconds per component.