Railway and Metro Rail

For centuries, railways have been the backbone of the transportation infrastructure, supporting nations in sustaining their economic activities in the cheapest way. Given the massive size of the components in railways, WIDMA has been supporting the industry with robust machines that provide the desired stability and strength to handle weight up to 10tons and size as large as 1.6m in diameter.

We specialize in offering large size machines like vertical turning lathes and axle journal turning machines for massive components that need precision, besides maneuvering them seamlessly to ensure the safety and convenience of operators.



WIDMA supplied its first Vertical Turning Lathe to a production unit of Indian Railways for railway wheel machining. The machine proved to be much more rigid in construction compared to the one that they were using earlier. The tool life improved from a single component to 5 components on our machine.

The machine is robust so that we can increase productivity by increasing the cutting parameters and thereby reducing the cycle and process time.