Round Tools, Hobs, and Shapers

WIDMA’S 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinding machines include the Ecogrind series which offers technologically advanced features for medium to large batch production, while Ezeegrind series is useful for small batch production and focused on the tool manufacturers, looking to transition from conventional machines to CNC technology

Dedicated to the manufacturing and regrinding of round tools in a single setup, these machines operate using powerful menu-driven software for grinding of a wide variety of tools, having simple to complex geometries. A minimal setup time makes it suitable for machining changing volumes with ease, right from a single tool to a large batch production. Our installations of 300+ machines in India and abroad, are in itself, a testimony to the quality delivered by WIDMA.



A customer in China commissioned one of our WIDMA Ecogrind VX5+ tool grinding machines. Using a competitor’s machine, it had been taking them 100 minutes for the fluting operation of a 30mm diameter tool. With our machine, the customer performed the same operation in just 48 minutes! Delighted with the results, they ordered two more WIDMA machines the same day as they ran that trial!