The BTA Counter Boring machines are WIDMA’s specialized machines that cater to the needs of the front-fork manufactures of scooters and motorcycles.
We have supplied several machines of this series to customers in India and Southeast Asia over time. Extensively designed and tested, these machines are designed to meet the critical accuracies of bore size, surface finish (0.1-0.2 µRa) and geometrical accuracies as required on a typical outer tube component. A unique feature of the machine is the option of both horizontal and space saving vertical configuration, making it compact.

The BTA Counter Boring CNC machine has linear motion guides for slides and a ball screw for linear slide movement. The variable frequency drive ensures spindle speed variation. The high-pressure coolant system improves the manufacturing quality, reduces the manufacturing cost, and helps increase the product life. Some of the other features include a chip conveyor, a fully enclosed sheet metal guard, panel cooler, a hydraulic powerpack (HPP), and a nylon disc or a compact band filter for fine filtration

Along with the machine, we also offer tools and accessories such as BTA tubes and heads, guide bushes, coolant retainers, and damping bush. WIDMA also provides optional features that can be added on request such as A.C. servo motor for spindle drive, refrigeration unit for coolant tank, mist collector system, and paper bank filter.

Technical Specifications

2 Spindle Vertical BTA boring Machine 2 Spindle Horizontal BTA boring Machine
Features Unit
BTV-42/450 BTV-50/450 BTH-42/400 BTH-50/400
Diameter Range mm
Ø25-Ø42 Ø25-Ø50 Ø25-Ø42 Ø25-Ø50
Boring Depth mm
250-450 250-400
Component Length mm
300-500 250-450
Spindle Power | Speed (Max.) hp | rpm
10 | 3500 12.5 | 3500 10 | 3500 12.5 | 3500
CNC system
2 Axis Mitsubishi (Standard)
(Fanuc Optional)
Single Axis Mitsubishi (Standard)
(Fanuc Optional)
Type of fixture
Hydraulic clamping type Hydraulic clamping type
Coolant system
Max.200 LPM & Max.12 Bar Max.200 LPM & Max.12 Bar
Coolant filtration
Scraper type drum conveyor & Nylon Disc Filter Scraper type drum conveyor & Nylon Disc Filter
Machine dimensions
(W X D X H)
2.9 x 4.8 x 3.5 4.2 x 4.3 x 1.9 4.2 x 4.8 x 1.9