BTA Drilling Machines (BTH Series)


The BTH series drilling machines are built to be rigid for heavy-duty applications that demand high spindle power and torque.
These machines are designed, manufactured, and assembled considering the high axial thrust load and feed force requirement while machining large bores of diameters ranging from 20mm to 100mm along and counter boring up to 175mm. These machines come with the latest technologies, enabling manufacturers in aerospace, oil and gas, energy, and general engineering sectors to meet their production requirements.

Some of the standard features of these machines include a CNC System and heavy-duty linear motion guides for slides. Ball screw/rack and pinion depending on stroke length are used for driving the slide movement. Besides, a high-pressure coolant system, fully enclosed metal guard, panel cooler, chip conveyor, Refrigeration unit for coolant tank, and a nylon disc/ bag filter/ compact band filter for fine filtration are some of the other features.

Along with the machine, we offer tools and accessories such as BTA tubes and heads, guide bushes, coolant retainers, and collets. The other optional features include, work steady, damping unit for drill tube, chip centrifuge, auto door with safety light curtain, and work spindle for component counter-rotation with three-jaw chuck.

These machines can also be offered with provisions for other processes like trepanning and pull boring upon request. The benefits of the BTA drilling machines include:

  • Stable operation without vibrations
  • Consistent accuracies
  • High feed rates and productivity
  • Flexibility in programming

Technical Specifications

BTH-40 BTH-65 BTH-100 Custom Solutions
Diameter (mm)
20-40 20-65 20-100 >100
Counter Boring Diamter (mm)
60 100 175 >175
Drilling Depth (mm)
500-3000 1000-3000 1000-3000 >3000