The Standard Gundrilling (SG) series of machines from WIDMA is among our oldest portfolios, used primarily by the automotive and general engineering segment to meet its deep hole drilling needs.

Leveraging nearly four decades of expertise in building these machines, WIDMA assures the best level of accuracy and reliability. The SG series of machines are developed on a modular design platform to reduce manufacturing time and improve flexibility. These machines are suited for 24/7 production mode and are successfully running at all major auto OEMs and other general engineering companies. They can also be equipped with automation, which will enable the users to make the most out of their machines.

The SG series CNC machines have linear motion guides and ball screws for slide movement. Spindles are equipped with variable frequency drives to facilitate spindle speed variation. A high-pressure coolant system with a three-stage filtration system improves the manufacturing quality and reduces the manufacturing cost, increasing the product life. Some of the other features include a full-fledged CNC system, a chip conveyor, a fully enclosed sheet metal guard, a panel cooler, a hydraulic powerpack (HPP), a refrigeration unit for a coolant tank, and a nylon disc/bag filter/compact band filter for fine filtration.

Along with the machine, we also offer tools and accessories such as gundrills, guide bushes, coolant retainers, damping bush, tool-setting gauge, tool regrinding fixture, and tool resharpening machine. WIDMA also provides optional features that can be added on requests such as A.C. servo spindle motor for spindle drive, tool monitoring system, chip crusher along with chip centrifuge, mist collector system, automation for component loading and unloading, auto door with safety-light curtain, and safety relays, and component counter-rotation for better hole accuracy.
These machines are designed to meet the machining requirement using insert type gundrills. The benefits and advantages of the SG series of machines include:

  • Stable operation without vibrations
  • Consistent accuracies
  • High feed rates and productivity
  • Increased tool life
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ease of programming

Technical Specifications

SG-12 SG-20 SG-25 SG-40
Diameter (mm)
5 –12 (16*)
(2 – 12)*
8 – 20
(5 – 20) *
8 – 25
(5 – 30) *
15 – 40
Drilling Depth (mm)
300 | 600| 1000 1000 | 1500| 2000
Component Length Range (mm)
400 | 700| 1100 1100 | 1600| 2100
No of Spindles
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 1 | 2 1