With a rich experience in machine building and process knowledge, customers turn to us to provide fixtures for their most complex and challenging manufacturing needs. WIDMA has executed more than 2500 fixture and tooling turnkey solutions on wide varieties of VMCs and HMCs globally. Our expertise lies in providing the right tooling solutions for different machining applications of various components along with supplying hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical fixtures based on the customer requirements.

WIDMA provides turnkey solutions, such as fixturing, tooling, and other machine accessories for various machining centers across automotive, general engineering, aerospace, and farm equipment related components. We also support in designing the manufacturing process plan for machining of components from raw material to finished product. The team’s expertise lies in conceptualization, designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, and installation along with application support and prove out of component accuracies and cycle time.

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Process Engineering 

Our team of subject matter experts specialize in planning the manufacturing process for any component from cast to finish that include detailed study and identification of machining operations. Based on the accuracy needs, cycle time estimation is prepared along with the list of tools needed and the cutting parameter is selected in discussion with our parent tooling company, Kennametal. Once these are finalized, the teams move on to identify and select the machinery needed to manufacture these components including standard machines of other makes.


WIDMA’s fixtures have been leaders in the Indian manufacturing industries for the past twenty years. Our expertise in building Special Purpose Machines has translated seamlessly into our fixture building capabilities, making us the preferred choice for many manufacturing OEMs and their suppliers.

Our design team uses the latest 3D software for designing and modeling the fixture elements, assembling them virtually and checking for interference to ensure smooth and accurate execution. The team also performs stress analysis of fixture elements such as base plate, clamping elements, and other supporting brackets and ensures it is design optimized to handle the cutting forces with ease. We have executed fixtures projects for components of length up to 2.5m.

The WIDMA advantage gives our clients:

  • In-depth knowledge of process engineering 
  • Turnkey fixture-tooling solutions on machining centers
  • Quick change fixtures with a zero-point clamping system, single-minute die exchange, and other latest offerings in machine tools
  • Additional functionalities such as machine interfacing and machine programming
  • Supporting machine accessories such as hydraulic power pack, air-catch sensors, etc.
  • Prompt application engineering, prove out, and service support

Tooling and Machine Accessories

With Kennametal being our parent organization, we have access to the most advanced tools and process database. Customization of tools is done to enhance their performance parameters which increases the tool life leading to increased machine throughput. The tooling team also helps carry out thorough tool inference checks by simulating the actual conditions in 3D to ensure smooth cutting trials at the customer end. We also partner with various other tooling suppliers as per customer-specific requirement.

WIDMA also provides critical machine accessories such as coolant systems, chip evacuation systems, pneumatic and hydraulic actuation units, lubrication units for bare machining and turning centers.

Industry 4.0 (IoT) Solutions

WIDMA’s Industry 4.0 ready solutions enable our customers to collect the data and monitor various critical parameters through sensors from the fixtures and machine accessories. Parameters such as levels of fluids in coolant and hydraulic systems, pressure, flow, temperature, etc. can be tracked and recorded via I/O-based sensors. This data is then captured and recorded through software integrated throughout the manufacturing production line. WIDMA’s IoT solutions help customers to track the equipment efficiency and performance parameters. Also, the feedback from machine accessories can help in predictive maintenance, as and when required, thereby ensuring their Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).