Ecogrind RX5 NEO


The Ecogrind RX5 Neo is WIDMA’s fastest-moving five-axis CNC tool grinding machine suitable for the manufacturing and resharpening of standard and complex round tools. This machine is configured with a directly driven double-ended spindle and its power is optimized for increased productivity and improved performance. The double-ended grinding spindle has a large diameter angular contact ball bearings that run on 13kW peak power and at a maximum of 9000rpm. Direct drives on the A and B axes ensure higher indexing accuracies, at maximum 1200rpm and 50rpm respectively. All the linear axes ball screws are directly coupled with AC servomotors, roller type guideways, and linear scales for all linear axes and move at the maximum traverse speed of 20m/min.

The machine comes with three-layer protection for ball screws and guideways to avoid operational breakdowns. The Ecogrind RX5 is ideal for manufacturing tools from solid blank ranging in diameter from 3 to 20mm, with the maximum flute length of 230mm, and the maximum diameter for regrinding of 220mm

The machine also comes up with lots of automation options such as robot tool loader, compact tool loader, auto wheel measurement — where the values will directly get transferred to program —, linear dressing of the grinding wheel inside the machine, grinding wheel sticking, CNC traveling steady rest, additional high rpm spindle that moves at the maximum speed of 50,000rpm to generate pockets for PCD inserts. Apart from solid carbide round tools, the machine is suitable for regrinding of gear cutting tools such as hobs, skiving cutters, and shaper cutters.

The safety of both the spurs and helical is paramount. WIDMA provides an automatic fire extinguisher, pneumatic counterbalance for the vertical axis in addition to brake on the vertical servo motor, front door locking while auto cycle is on, and axes collision check through software all of which ensures the safety of machine and machine operator. Ecogrind RX5 Neo is empowered with Num CNC and Numroto software – a great combination for tool grinding needs. This machine can also be offered with Siemens CNC and SV Toolbox software.

Technical Specifications

Description Unit Specifications
Machine Capacity
No. of CNC axes 5
Tool diameter range for manufacturing mm 3 to 25
Max. work piece diameter for resharpening mm 220
Max. work piece length from GPL for face grinding mm 320
Max. work piece length from GPL for periphery (OD) grinding mm 490
Max. work piece length from GPL for flute grinding – Helix angle 30° mm 415
Max. work piece weight kg 25
Linear Axes
Stroke X | Y | Z mm 500 | 250 | 500
Rapid traverse X | Y | Z mm 20 | 20 | 20
A-Axis (Work head)
A Axis Rotation deg infinite
Rotational Speed RPM 1200
Spindle taper ISO 50
B-Axis (Wheel head swivel axis)
Swivel Angle deg +40° / -300°
Rotational Speed RPM 50
Wheel Spindle
No. of grinding spindle ends 2
Spindle power (Coninuous | Peak) kW 9 | 13
Max. spindle speed RPM 9000
Spindle Nose Taper HSK E50
Other Data
Electrical Power (Basic Machine) kVA 15
Basic machine Floor Plan (WxDxH) mm 2150 x 3000 x 2200
Machine Weight kg 6500
Air requirement CFM 8.4
Air Pressure bar 5