EcoGrind SX5 LiMo


WIDMA’s Ecogrind SX5 LiMo is a specially designed machine for manufacturing micro tools, ranging from 0.5 to 12mm diameter. It features a high axial force linear motor for all axes to produce near-zero vibrations as required for such precision machining. It comes with a three-wheel pack automatic wheel changer (AWC) that can hold up to nine grinding wheels and helps produce complex micro tools in a single setup.

The machine operates at a peak power of 11kW. It has direct drives for both A-axis and B-axis to ensure higher indexing accuracy. The specially designed top clamp and steady rest ensure rigid support and clamping of the tool. The machine base is rigid enough to dampen the vibrations emanating from the cutting forces. To ensure the safety of the machine and machine operator, the machine comes with standard safety features such as an automatic fire extinguisher, pneumatic counterbalance for the vertical axis in addition to brake on the vertical servo motor, front door locking while auto cycle is on, axes collision check through software. Robot loading/unloading of tools helps running of the machine uninterruptedly for long working hours. Num CNC and Numroto software help to produce tools with tighter dimensional tolerance.

Technical Specifications

Description Unit Specifications
Machine Capacity
No. of CNC axes 5
Tool diameter range for manufacturing mm 0.5 to 12
Max. work piece diameter for resharpening mm 125
Max. work piece length from GPL for face grinding mm 250
Max. work piece length from GPL for periphery (OD) grinding mm 260
Max. work piece length from GPL for flute grinding – Helix angle 30° mm 250
Max. work piece weight kg 20
Linear Axes
Stroke X | Y | Z mm 290 | 170 | 290
Rapid traverse X | Y | Z mm 30 | 20 | 30
A-Axis (Work head)
A Axis Rotation deg infinite
Rotational Speed RPM 1000
Spindle taper ISO 50
B-Axis (Wheel head swivel axis)
Swivel Angle deg +40° / -215°
Rotational Speed RPM 50
Wheel Spindle
No. of grinding spindle ends 1
Auto Wheel Changer with coolant manifold 3 Wheel packs
Spindle power (Coninuous | Peak) kW 7 | 11
Max. spindle speed RPM 9000
Spindle Nose Taper Standard: HSK E50 Optional: HSK E40
Other Data
Electrical Power (Basic Machine) kVA 15
Basic machine Floor Plan (WxDxH) mm 1800 x 2150 x 2200
Machine Weight kg 5000
Air requirement CFM 8.4
Air Pressure bar 5