The Hobgrind HG200 is a five-axis CNC machine for regrinding of hob, skiving cutters, and shaper cutters of both spur and helical type. The machine is configured with a direct drive grinding spindle operating at 11 kW peak power and maximum speed of 9000 rpm. Coolant jacket around spindle provides thermal stability. Ball screws for the three linear axes are directly coupled to high torque AC servo motors. The machine’s linear axes have a maximum rapid traverse speed of 20 m/min. To ensure precise indexing of the component, the work head (A-axis) has a direct drive through a high torque motor coupled with a high-resolution encoder. It can rotate continuously at the maximum speed of 800 rpm. The work head is with an ISO 50 taper for component holding. The work head swivel axis (B-axis) comes with a worm-drive arrangement and moves at a speed of maximum 10 rpm.

To ensure a high degree of position and repeat accuracy of B- axis, a high-resolution external encoder for direct feedback is provided. Precision, versatility, and shorter cycle time help users to reduce the cost for hob and shaper cutter resharpening significantly. When the regrinding is done in-house, users have good control on quality, the inventory level comes down, and urgencies are easily addressed. The hob inspection cycle on the machine, after regrinding of hob, helps the user to check the hob before removing it from the machine. A motorized wheel dresser ensures profiling of grinding wheel which is especially required for high helix hobs. The cast iron base provides a solid foundation for the higher rigidity of the machine.

Weighing approximately 4500kgs, this machine also comes with safety features, such as an automatic fire extinguisher and pneumatic counterbalance for the vertical axis in addition to a brake on the vertical servo motor to ensure the machine is safe to use. It has the Fanuc CNC system including axis drives and servo motors and user-friendly menu-driven e-Gris WIDMA software, which makes hob and shaper cutter grinding easy.

Technical Specifications

Description Unit Specifications
Machine Capacity
No. of CNC axes 5
Hob cutter regrinding
Min. OD – Straight gash hob cutter mm 10
Max. OD – Straight gash hob cutter mm 230
Min. OD – Helical gash hob cutter mm 10
Max OD – Helical gash hob cutter mm 180
Max. length of Hob – Bore type (between centre distance) mm 250
Max. length of Hob – Shank type (between centre distance) mm 550
Max. grinding depth mm 25
Max grinding length of Hob – Bore type mm 250
Max grinding length of Hob – Shank type mm 250
Max Helix deg ± 20°
Max Hob and Mandrel weight Kg 75
Grinding wheel diameter – Min. / Max mm 50 / 150
Shaper cutter regrinding
Minimum OD mm 20
Maximum OD mm 230
Maximum Helix Angle for Helical shaper cutter deg ± 20° max for Dia. 230 mm; 30 deg for Dia. 150 mm
Linear Axes
Stroke X | Y | Z mm 300 | 260 | 280
Rapid traverse X | Y | Z mm 20 | 20 | 20
A-Axis (Work head)
A Axis Rotation deg infinite
Rotational Speed RPM 800
Spindle taper ISO 50
B-Axis (Work head swivel axis)
Swivel Angle deg ± 30°
Rotational Speed RPM 10
Wheel Spindle
No. of grinding spindle ends 1
Spindle power (Coninuous | Peak) kW 7 | 11
Max. spindle speed RPM 9000
Other Data
Electrical Power (Basic Machine) kVA 15
Basic machine Floor Plan (WxDxH) mm 2450 x 2950 x 2150
Machine Weight kg 4500
Air requirement CFM 4.5
Air Pressure bar 5