The VM series of machines are best suited for heavy material removal and accurate machining of large components.

These are three-axes machines with tool spindle and automatic tool changer. In addition to the standard operations of turning, facing and boring, the VM series can also perform milling, drilling, reaming, and tapping, among others. The machines can also be altered to various configurations to meet unique customer requirements.

The cross slide and carriage with larger-sized linear motion roller guideways enhance productivity and component accuracy. The centralized automatic grease lubrication eliminates coolant contamination and minimizes wastage and environmental impact.

This VM series of machines also boast rigid tool holding with a BT50 spindle adapter, which provides optimal power for the tool. We also offer a high-pressure spindle thru coolant and helical interpolation facility as options. The machines are provided with a cartridge-type work spindle. Super-precision bearings on the work spindle provide excellent rigidity and accuracy. The spindle is grease packed and its labyrinth packaging provides superior protection from coolant entry.

The model has WIDMA’s standard safety features such as the pressure switch for hydraulic chuck and hydraulic counterbalance, the operator and maintenance door interlock, tier switch for monitoring lubricant and coolant level within the tank, a pressure switch for monitoring compressed gas supply pressure, and a tool management program built into the CNC.

We can also customize this machine with additional remote diagnostic capabilities for CNC controllers, which provide access to the controller data from any remote location, making it easier to report and address concerns with minimum machine downtime.

Technical Specifications

Features Unit
VM550 VM850 VM1150
Machine Capacity
Maximum turning diameter mm
550 850 1150
Standard turning diameter mm
450 600 1150
Swing Over Bed mm
650 950 1300
Maximum turning height mm
500 800 1000
Maximum weight of the job inclusive of chuck Kg
500 1500 4000
Work spindle
Power (Continuous | 30 min.) kW
18.5 | 22 22 | 30 30 | 37
Live Spindle (BT50)
Power (Continuous | 30 min.) kW
11 | 15 11 | 15 11 | 15
Maximum RPM RPM
LM Guide Ways
Tool station
ATC with BT50 Adaptation
No. of tools (Std. | Optional) No.
20 | 24 20 | 40 40 | 60
Weight (approx.) Kg
8000 12500 15000