VU Series – Multi-tasking Turn-mill Centers

The VU series is our flagship model within the Vertical Turning Lathes category.
These CNC machines come with three linear axes and two rotary axes, giving it plenty of flexibility to perform an array of operations such as turning, facing, grooving, threading milling, drilling, tapping, and operation involving 4 axes simultaneous interpolation. Additionally, the tool spindle can index and perform machining on the side face also. Thus, improving accuracy of the final output as all the five faces of the components are machined in a single set-up.

The precisely machined and forged-iron column, cross-slide, and carriage deliver superior productivity without compromising on component accuracy. Assembled with heavy-duty linear motion, the 850 and 1150 models provide remarkable precision and repeatability in axis movement. 

The VU series also possesses the rigid tool holding with BT50 spindle adapter, which provides optimal power at the tool. The live tool with the C-Axis can interpolate to generate profiles. The live spindle also ensures that the machine is prepared to interface with attachments such as angular heads. We also offer a high-pressure spindle through coolant and helical interpolation facility as options. The cartridge type work spindle with its super precision bearings provides excellent rigidity and accuracy. The large size of the spindle bearing offers the “Best-in-class” load ratings. The spindle is grease-packed forever, requiring no maintenance. Its labyrinth packing is intended especially for superior protection from coolant entry.

The design is FEM-optimized, robust, and of adequately ribbed forged iron construction. It offers a solid foundation for years of smooth operation. The optimized forged iron grade provides excellent structural strength and vibration dampening characteristics. The suitably sized machine elements guarantee superior rigidity at extreme operating conditions. The compact footprint and the option of getting the chip disposal from the side or rear end of the 850 model make them highly adaptable.

The model comes with WIDMA’s standard safety features such as the pressure switch for hydraulic chuck and hydraulic counterbalance, the operator and maintenance door interlock, tier switch for monitoring lubricant and coolant level within the tank, a pressure switch for monitoring compressed gas supply pressure, and tool management program, built into the CNC.

Additional remote diagnostic capabilities for CNC controllers are available. This fast and reliable communication feature provides access to the controller data from any remote location, allowing for faster reporting, quicker analysis and correction, and minimum machine downtime.

Technical Specifications

Features Unit
VU550 VU850 VU1250
Machine Capacity
Maximum table diameter mm
550 850 1250
Standard turning diameter mm
550 850 1250
Swing Over Bed mm
700 1000 1400
Maximum turning height mm
500 800 1000
Maximum weight of the job inclusive of chuck Kg
500 2000 4000
Work spindle
Power (Continuous | 30 min.) kW
18.5 | 22 22 | 30 30 | 37
Live Spindle (BT50)
Power (Continuous | 30 min.) kW
11 | 15 11 | 15 22 | 25
Maximum RPM RPM
6000 6000 6000
B – Axis
-95 to +95 deg -95 to +95 deg -95 to +95 deg
LM Roller Guideways
Tool station
ATC with BT50 Adaption
No. of tools (Std. | Optional) No.
20 | 24 20 | 40 40 | 60
Weight (approx.) Kg
16000 20000 24000