At WIDMA, we understand our clients’ unique business needs and concerns, and provide best-in-class solutions to improve their user experience. We have regional service and support centers at strategic locations within India and abroad so that our teams are closer to the customers and available for prompt assistance whenever needed. Our aftermarket sales and services include professional product consultation, maintenance, field service, supply of spares, machine retooling and refurbishment, and personnel training.

We have dedicated team of experts at locations closer to our customers for prompt after-sales service and support. This enables our customers to get focused attention from skilled and trained engineers and technicians for the entire lifespan of their machines. We suggest timely remedial measures and recommend suitable spare parts to be procured well in time, resulting in proper maintenance of the machines without critical breakdowns. Today WIDMA is catering to over 200 customers across locations.

Our efforts result in a high mean time between failures (MTBF) and a low mean time to recovery (MTTR). We aim to increase our interface time with customers through customer service, resulting in customer delight.


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Our service personnel make regular field visits and work closely with customers to optimize their inventory, ensuring timely availability of spares. They also extend support to customers in replacing these spares on the machines and train their maintenance team.

We have a single window contact for any spares related support, backed by a robust network of competent suppliers and dealers, enabling a seamless interaction for customers. We ensure quick delivery of high quality spares at competitive rates.


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In today’s dynamic and fast-paced technology space, dedicated machines might require frequent modular changes. At WIDMA, our team enables customers in quickly adapting to new requirements with minimal changes in tooling, fixtures and a few basic elements, ensuring continued productivity.

Our team’s refurbishing and retooling capabilities make our machines highly flexible and cost-effective. Many complex machines, such as the multi-spindle machines, machines with more than eight stations, and even complete product lines have been refurbished to meet the customers’ changing needs.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


WIDMA’s standard machines like CNC tool grinding machines are offered with optional AMC for extended support and worry-free machine maintenance. Our team proactively undertakes health check-ups and planned maintenance of these standard machines. It maximizes their uptime, minimizes downtime, and ensures consistent performance.

By regularly monitoring the critical parameters and identifying deviation from the machine’s designed performance, we can anticipate possible breakdowns, plan for spares and schedule maintenance to avoid higher maintenance costs and time.


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