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Rail Wheels

SELECT CATEGORY Rail WheelsTwo-axes Ram Type Turning Lathe

Axle Journal

SELECT CATEGORY Axle JournalAxle Journal Turning and Burnishing Machine

Glass Mould

SELECT CATEGORY Glass MouldUniversal Gundrilling Machines UGK

Valve Body

SELECT CATEGORY Valve BodyVU Series – 5 Axis Multi Tasking Turn-mill Center

Graphite Block

SELECT CATEGORY Graphite blockUGC Series – Multi-axes Gundrilling Machine VU Series – Five-axes Multi Tasking Turn-mill Center


SELECT CATEGORY Scissors Flex Machine for Large Components Scissors

Loader Arm

SELECT CATEGORY Loader ArmFlex Machine for Large Components Loader Arm

Booms and Dippers

SELECT CATEGORY Booms and DippersFlex Machine for Large Components Boom and Dipper

Cylinder Block

SELECT CATEGORY Cylinder Block Back Face Milling Machine Cylinder Bore Rough and Finish Boring Machine Multi-spindle Drilling and Reaming Machine Multi-spindle Drilling and Tapping Machine Oil Gallery Hole Gundrilling Sump Face Milling and De-burring Machine Vertical Fine Boring Machine-with NT Tool Correction System Vertical Rough Boring Machine