​​​​In today’s continually evolving manufacturing ecosystem, ongoing innovation in metal-cutting technologies is crucial to building one’s competitive advantage. Our passion for engineering combined with a strong understanding of business needs helps us design and deliver products that take you a step ahead.

Special Purpose

Our four decades of expertise in customized metal-cutting machines for a variety of components helps us achieve high volume productivity and consistent accuracy.

Deep Hole Drilling

These machines help with the removal of material for deep holes having high length-to-diameter ratio. Operations such as Gundrilling, BTA Drilling, and Counter Boring, Skiving, and Roller Burnishing are some of the solutions that we offer in this category.

Flexible Manufacturing

Combining the flexibility of General-purpose Machines (GPMs) and the productivity of Special-purpose Machines (SPMs), WIDMA’s flexible manufacturing machines cater to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Vertical Turning Machines

These heavy-duty vertical lathes are available in two, three, and five–axis configurations and are designed for heavy machining and high material removal rates. WIDMA’s VTMs are ideal for massive components that are difficult to machine.

CNC Tool Grinding Machines

Our tool grinding machines are designed to manufacture and regrind simple and complex geometry round tools, shaper cutter, hobs, and special cutters. These machines use powerful menu-driven software and the latest technology to produce the best tools.

Fixture and Tooling Solutions

With nearly four decades of expertise in machine manufacturing, our fixture and tooling business offers turnkey solutions for machining the most complex components. From designing the machining process to offering fixtures, tooling, accessories, and programming support, WIDMA is a one-stop-solution for component manufacturers.