Manufacturing complex components with WIDMA’s Multitasking Turn Mill Machines

Manufacturing complex components with WIDMA’s Multitasking Turn Mill Machines

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Manufacturing complex components with WIDMA’s Multitasking Turn Mill Machines

Vertical turning solutions are versatile machines that offer a range of capabilities for machining large and complex parts. Their vertical design provides better support and stability for the workpiece, resulting in more precise and accurate parts. With their heavy-duty construction and multiple tooling options, vertical turning solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, energy, and transportation.


WIDMA’s Vertical Turning Lathes (VTLs) are the preferred choice for many manufacturers looking for high accuracies at high speeds. VTLs are ideal for machining components of massive size and complex geometries such as pumps and valves, railway wheels, bearings, and graphite blocks with accuracy. Many of our customers have benefited from upgrading their conventional set-ups to our machines. The resulting productivity boost and quality improvement are direct results of reduced cycle times and improved accuracies. Ranging from simple turning to complex 5-face machining, these machines are classified under three categories- Multi-Tasking Turn Mill Machines (VU), Vertical Turn Mill Machines (VM), and Vertical Turning Machines (VT) – from two-axes to five-axes configurations with table sizes ranging from 500 mm to 3000 mm.

The VU-5 Axis Multi-Tasking Turn Mill Machine is an industry leading offering from WIDMA that offers high accuracy, precision, and versatility. With their ability to perform multiple machining operations on a single workpiece, they reduce setup time, improve accuracy, enhance productivity, and offer cost-effective solutions. VU-5 Axis Multi-Tasking Turn Mill Machines find applications in several industries, making them a preferred choice for manufacturing complex parts.

Key Features:

  • 5-Axis Machining Capability: The VU-5 Axis Multi-Tasking Turn Mill Machines offer 5-axis machining capability that enables them to perform complex machining operations with high accuracy and precision.

  • Dual Spindles: The machines are equipped with dual spindles that allow them to perform simultaneous machining operations on both ends of the workpiece.

  • Automatic Tool Changer: The machines come with an automatic tool changer that can quickly change the cutting tools to perform different machining operations.

  • High-Speed Machining: VU-5 Axis Multi-Tasking Turn Mill Machines have high-speed machining capabilities, which help to reduce machining time and improve productivity.

WIDMA is a leader in providing customized metal-cutting CNC machines that offer high accuracy and productivity across industries. Founded in 1984, WIDMA diversified into customized, semi-standard, and standard machines for machining requirements, ranging from micro tools to large structural parts for the locomotive and general engineering industries. Working with some of the world’s most notable brands, WIDIA is recognized for high-performing machines that deliver on metal removal rates, drilling speeds, and depths.

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