Ezeegrind Pro+


Ezeegrind Pro+ is an enhanced version of Ezeegrind Neo, another five-axis CNC tool grinding machine suited for the manufacturing and resharpening of carbide tools. This machine is ideal for manufacturing tools from solid blank ranging in diameter from 3 to 16mm, of maximum flute length of 170mm, and maximum diameter for regrinding 180mm. Apart from all the features of Ezeegrind Neo, this machine comprises a two-wheel pack automatic wheel changer (AWC) for achieving desired productivity while grinding complex geometries. The HSK E50 spindle taper ensures excellent repeat accuracy of wheel pack position. The Ezeegrind Pro+ comes with a direct drive for work head rotation (A-axis) and work head swivel (B-axis) and has an option of linear scales for real-time position feedback. We can also customize and provide the linear dressing of the grinding wheel inside the machine and a package for resharpening of hob and shaper cutters. Similar to Ezeegrind Neo, this machine has 32mm diameter ball screws, roller-type guideways for linear axes capable of taking higher loads ensures a higher depth of cut thereby enhancing the productivity of the machine. Max. rapid traverse speed of linear axes 20m/min.

The auto tool probe ensures automatic tool setting improving the accuracy of the product and efficiency in the manufacturing process. This WIDMA machine comes with superior features and capabilities, suited for the manufacturing regrinding of most of the commonly used round cutting tools. It is configured with a single-ended, direct-drive grinding spindle with 11kW peak power and a coolant jacket for thermal stability. Work head rotation (A-axis) and work head swivel (B-axis) are equipped with worm drives for a higher position and repeat accuracy of rotary axes. This machine comes with an Omron Delta Tau CNC system with user-friendly menu-driven software, called Profsim.

The machine can be offered with the option of SV Toolbox software, which is suitable for manufacturing and resharpening of high-precision standard and complex form tools. This software comes with a powerful 3D tool simulation and 3D collision check modules. Safety features, such as an automatic fire extinguisher, pneumatic counterbalance for the vertical axis in addition to brake on the vertical servo motor, ensure the machine is safe to use. Additionally, the remote diagnostics facility available on the machine ensures online support for the tool-grinding application and offers support for basic electromechanical fault diagnostics. Customers can also add IoT-related hardware and software to the machines.

Technical Specifications

Description Unit Specifications
Machine Capacity
No. of CNC axes 5
Tool diameter range for manufacturing mm 3 to 16
Max. work piece diameter for resharpening mm 180
Max. work piece length from GPL for face grinding mm 310
Max. work piece length from GPL for periphery (OD) grinding mm 300
Max. work piece length from GPL for flute grinding – Helix angle 30° mm 310
Linear Axes
Stroke X | Y | Z mm 260 | 260 | 280
Rapid traverse X | Y | Z mm 20 | 20 | 20
A-Axis (Work head)
A Axis Rotation deg infinite
Rotational Speed RPM 800
Spindle taper ISO 50
B-Axis (Work head swivel axis)
Swivel Angle deg +30° / -180°
Rotational Speed RPM 25
Wheel Spindle
No. of grinding spindle ends 1
Auto Wheel Changer with coolant manifold 2 Wheel packs
Spindle power (Coninuous | Peak) kW 7 | 11
Max. spindle speed RPM 9000
Other Data
Electrical Power (Basic Machine) kVA 15
Basic machine Floor Plan (WxDxH) mm 2450 x 2950 x 2150
Machine Weight kg 4500
Air requirement CFM 4.5
Air Pressure bar 5