VT series – Turret Type Vertical Turning Lathes


The VT series comprises machines intended for operations such as turning, facing, boring, grooving, and threading.

The VT two-axes machines are designed for mass production and precise machining performance. Linear motion guideways, 8/12 station turret, and rigid work spindle make these machines robust and long-lasting. It can also be customized to different configurations to meet customer-specific requirements. The BT50 stationary spindle and automatic tool changer(ATC) can be added on request in place of the turret, to avoid tool interference. VT1150 is provided with a BT50 stationary spindle and ATC as standard instead of a turret. Other customizations include remote-diagnostic capabilities that allow for real-time monitoring of the machine, IoT features for production and maintenance data monitoring, pallet changer, etc.

The machine is built for improved productivity and accuracy. It comes with the standard WIDMA safety features. These include pressure switches for hydraulic chuck, hydraulic counterbalance and monitoring compressed gas supply, operator door and maintenance door interlock, gauge for monitoring lubricant and coolant level within the tank, and a tool management program built into the CNC.

Technical Specifications

Features Unit
VT550 VT850 VT1150
Machine Capacity
Maximum turning diameter mm
550 850 1150
Standard turning diameter mm
450 600 1150
Swing Over Bed mm
650 950 1400
Maximum turning height mm
500 / 700 800 1000
Maximum weight of the job inclusive of chuck Kg
500 1500 4000
Work spindle
Power (Continuous | 30 min.) kW
18.5 | 22 22 | 30 30 | 37
LM Guide Ways
Tool station
Electro Mechanical Turret ATC with BT50
No. of tools (Std. | Optional) No.
8 | 12 20/24
Weight (approx.) Kg
7000 10000 15000